Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday was a very interesting day .. I had a chat with some of the LW police, Knakyia Dreamscape and KayleeRai Guardian .. they was trying to convince me that my mommy had stolen some cookies but they let her off easy. I'm thinking this police force was very misinformed. They agreed she was innocent and let her off good thing!

Later on they changed out of uniform and we all went to our house in the country! Boy they are nicer when they aren't on duty! Mckenzie Halfpint joined us and they went off to take some pictures in the lovely countryside!

A little bit of New News for ya! There's been alot of changes around the SL kids world and alot of new family restructures! Just this week Knakyia Dreamscape and KayleeRai Guardian were adopted by my aunty Kendra Baily! Also Daisy North and Mckenzie Halfpint have been adopted into the Gilman family! Here's a pic of the New Baily family!!

So many awesome families have moved into Little Wonder community and lots of kids were out skating, riding bikes and just having fun!
I am enrolled to go to Petit Cheri .. an artsy school that is just so adorable owned by Miss Amaliscious Destiny! I think it begins the beginning of May and I am so excited for it to start!!
That's all for right now I can't wait to see what happens today!!
Till next time .. big sparkly watermelon hugs!!
~ dolly
Fashion & Links
Knakyia & Kaylee are wearing Colbie from Babydolls
I'm wearing Elena dress & Tropical flippers in yellow from CCC
Also jewelry from LacieCakes
Kenzie is wearing Pretty in Pink from CCC
Stay sparkly!!!

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