Thursday, April 29, 2010

A lot to catch up on!

It's been a crazy and fun week so far with the family, continuing with our character-building weekend at the trailer park and more lessons learned as the week went on!

I came home Saturday to find Daddy had to get a job at the Pizza King in town to pay for the trailer rent. So me and Mommy went to visit him and got some greasy pizza to eat while we were there.

After our lunch we headed over to the salon where mommy gave me a haircut, then we sat under the dryer in our curlers. Daddy wasn't much into the salon but he DID like the tatoo parlor! Mommy wanted to give me a tatoo even, which I was okay with until I realized it was a needle and not a sticker and I ran reallyyyy fast!

Probably the most entertaining part of the weekend was when Mommy took me and Kaylee for a ride around the town, and if you've ever seen my mommy drive, you know to buckle up and pray for dear life! We almost crashed into another car and what do you know, it was a police officer! Mommy did really good and talked her way out of the ticket though, so I was very proud of her. Like I said, lotta lessons learned on this vacation! So, we got home, back to the trailer safe and sound and I read my new book Madeline made by Lola Freenote.

We finally got home and Mommy said we could anythingggggg I wanted, and what I wanted was to try out the new pool at the Little Wonders Community! So she took me and Kaylee! If you haven't seen the pool, it is soooo cute! As with everything else, is so real and life-like complete with dressing rooms and showers, (that spray upwards btw lol they gotta fix that but it's actually very funny to see) a really fun slide, diving board, and inner tubes for races and stuff. Adults can work on their tan in the lawn chairs while the kids swim too!

Our next adventure of the week, Daddy took us to this amazingly cute bakery sim! There were little talking robots and characters that told you things about what was there and what to do as you walked along the streets. The best part was the factory where you got to make your own pastry! We each made one and you can even add things like sprinkles and bubbles and animations that twirl you around in the air while you're eating it.

One of my favorite parts of the week was one night, very late at night, we decided to take some mother/daughter pics at our home. We used one of my favorite poses by Abby McDonnagh called A Mother's Love! It's so sweet. I could honestly sit cuddled like that all night long talking! But I think these pics turned out so cute of me and sissy with mommy.

After that, we made mommy carry us around the sim. (she's really strong to carry us both!) We are princesses after all! But if sissy and I are princesses, it means mommy is the queen. And she really is! Everybody loves her and I can see why. She even made us cupcakes afterwards and they were delicious!

Probably the most fun of the week was last night when Daddy showed up dressed up in some kind of low-prim ghetto wear. What was most funny was his attempts to match his talk with the outfit, in his proper English accent. We were all dying! Then, being the Knave offspring that I am, I decided to join in, thinking it was just for our immediate family eyes! Mommy and Sissy Dolly joined us also and Mommy and Daddy took great joy in dragging us around to public places teaching us more character building lessons! Unfortunately we forgot to take a family pic before we changed back to normal, but I got one of me and daddy early into it, but believe me, it got worse as they kept adding accessories!

Being part of the Knave family truly is a gift. Full of love, lots of laughter, fun times, and tons of great memories. I'm so blessed and thankful to have the best parents and sister in SL.

Until next time,
Hugs & Butterfly Kisses!


  1. awww sissy I love all of this so fun and so cute!!!

  2. Thank you sissy! The only bad part is I missed you so much for a lot of it!

  3. I love reading this blog you two, it makes me smile every time! <3<3

  4. omgosh sissy i love you so very much and abbers you are so sweet i luvvss you so much always