Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Magical Mothers Day ..

Happy mothers day to all the mom's in the Real world and in SL you are awesome!! Here is a few pics of how Chels & I celebrated mothers day with our mommy...

We later even found an underwater castle.. so pretty and lots to explore here.. beautiful fishies and even a place to sit for tea and play a magical harp .. which mommy tried out!
If you are loooking for something or somewhere fun to take your SL mom on mothers day I definitely suggest visiting Glimmer the land of Aurora !

Visit Glimmer for a magical day of fantasy fun!!
Happy Mothers day mommy!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!
Chels & I would like to say Happy Mothers day to our amazing mommy! Who always takes so much time for us. Who always does so much for us and everyone in our family and who makes our family the most amazing family in SL!! We love you mommy!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A lot to catch up on!

It's been a crazy and fun week so far with the family, continuing with our character-building weekend at the trailer park and more lessons learned as the week went on!

I came home Saturday to find Daddy had to get a job at the Pizza King in town to pay for the trailer rent. So me and Mommy went to visit him and got some greasy pizza to eat while we were there.

After our lunch we headed over to the salon where mommy gave me a haircut, then we sat under the dryer in our curlers. Daddy wasn't much into the salon but he DID like the tatoo parlor! Mommy wanted to give me a tatoo even, which I was okay with until I realized it was a needle and not a sticker and I ran reallyyyy fast!

Probably the most entertaining part of the weekend was when Mommy took me and Kaylee for a ride around the town, and if you've ever seen my mommy drive, you know to buckle up and pray for dear life! We almost crashed into another car and what do you know, it was a police officer! Mommy did really good and talked her way out of the ticket though, so I was very proud of her. Like I said, lotta lessons learned on this vacation! So, we got home, back to the trailer safe and sound and I read my new book Madeline made by Lola Freenote.

We finally got home and Mommy said we could anythingggggg I wanted, and what I wanted was to try out the new pool at the Little Wonders Community! So she took me and Kaylee! If you haven't seen the pool, it is soooo cute! As with everything else, is so real and life-like complete with dressing rooms and showers, (that spray upwards btw lol they gotta fix that but it's actually very funny to see) a really fun slide, diving board, and inner tubes for races and stuff. Adults can work on their tan in the lawn chairs while the kids swim too!

Our next adventure of the week, Daddy took us to this amazingly cute bakery sim! There were little talking robots and characters that told you things about what was there and what to do as you walked along the streets. The best part was the factory where you got to make your own pastry! We each made one and you can even add things like sprinkles and bubbles and animations that twirl you around in the air while you're eating it.

One of my favorite parts of the week was one night, very late at night, we decided to take some mother/daughter pics at our home. We used one of my favorite poses by Abby McDonnagh called A Mother's Love! It's so sweet. I could honestly sit cuddled like that all night long talking! But I think these pics turned out so cute of me and sissy with mommy.

After that, we made mommy carry us around the sim. (she's really strong to carry us both!) We are princesses after all! But if sissy and I are princesses, it means mommy is the queen. And she really is! Everybody loves her and I can see why. She even made us cupcakes afterwards and they were delicious!

Probably the most fun of the week was last night when Daddy showed up dressed up in some kind of low-prim ghetto wear. What was most funny was his attempts to match his talk with the outfit, in his proper English accent. We were all dying! Then, being the Knave offspring that I am, I decided to join in, thinking it was just for our immediate family eyes! Mommy and Sissy Dolly joined us also and Mommy and Daddy took great joy in dragging us around to public places teaching us more character building lessons! Unfortunately we forgot to take a family pic before we changed back to normal, but I got one of me and daddy early into it, but believe me, it got worse as they kept adding accessories!

Being part of the Knave family truly is a gift. Full of love, lots of laughter, fun times, and tons of great memories. I'm so blessed and thankful to have the best parents and sister in SL.

Until next time,
Hugs & Butterfly Kisses!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Character Building??

So ... my mommy thought Chels and I needed some character building. Apparently it has always been one of our daddy's dreams to live in a trailer park ... yeah. Umm, so anyways.. off we went in search of a trailer park community to rent for a weekend. We found one on the Soap sim and mommy thought it was perfect so we went home to pack our bags.. But instead our parents told us part of this trip we would be getting new "more fitting" wardrobes to wear..

Well being the fashion princesses we are of course we were freaking out!!! So we had to change into our new grubby clothes and off to the trailer park we went. Here are some pictures of our trailor park stay. Our family building "character" in our new fashionable trailor trash attire..

The first day at the soap sim it was actually pretty fun! Mommy decorated our trailor so cute! And then we drove the truck around the town. We went and had dinner at a diner which was not so bad food! They even had a video game out front which I lost at... But it was pink so that worked for me.

Some neighbors stopped by our trailor that night. A mom and her daughter, she is just our age! Wow she has some interesting hair that's for sure and she was out and about in her bathrobe of course cause hey at the trailor park who needs get dressed right?

Well there's lots to see and do at the Soap sim. The last picture is mommy and I at the boggy marsh .. pretty, right! HAHA!! And we found a little church.. So we prayed for a bit.. of course I was secretly praying for help in making it through this weekend of Trailor park trash! hehe Well I know my character is definitely building off this experience.. I'm sure my sissy Chels will share some more with you about this weekend.

The cigarettes Chels & I have are CANDY CIGARETTES!! And do not contain anything but bubble gum!! Mommy's is real though.. haha

Seriously ... LOL look at Chels' hair!! hahaha .. sorry sissy love youuu!! And my sandals aren't they gorgeousssss

Our Lovely Neighbors at the Trailor park o.O

Prays: If I should die before I wake.. I pray the Lord my soul to take .. and please make them change my clothes before burying me. Amen.

Check the Soap sim out here .. TrailorParkTrash
Disclaimer: This adventure in no way was meant to offend anyone and we had a fabulous time. If you live in a trailor park we love you still and you are fabulous!!

Stay Sparkly!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Day in the Life...

This blog is a little actually happened yesterday, I just didn't have time to write it. But I'd still like to have a memory of it, for me, so I'm gonna post anyway. Just be prepared, it's gonna be short and sweet!

First thing in the morning a bunch of the neighborhood kids got together and rode our bikes, scooters, and roller skates around the streets of Little Wonders Community. We stopped by the gas station and got ice cream on our way!

Later that night, my favorite part of the day was when Me, Mommy, and Daddy went home to the country and cuddled and talked for the rest of the night. I'm so lucky and so blessed that I get to be their daughter. I'm so thankful every single day.

That's it for tonight!
Hugs & Butterfly Kisses

Lotsa Bright & Shiny fun at Katatonik!!

I didn't have a whole lotta time for SL™ yesterday so I came on kinda late .. Mommy & me decided to go exploring a bit! We went to a few shops and then went to Katatonik sim which is a wonderland in it's own sense! I love this sim! It's a magical land of pure imagination and fun! Even the grass there is starry and magical!

Along with the totally cool shops there.. is a fun imaginary world to play in and explore! Lots of cute picture taking opportunities too! Look at this cute cardboard drawn chair and table you can really sit on! Big strawberries to lounge on.. yes I grabbed a peice and took a bite! They are delicious!!

We went all through the sim and took alot of pictures and while you are visiting there random free dolls were dropped upon me! So cool right?!!

One of my favorite shops there is Rachels. Bring your shades if bright colors bother you cause this is just .. WHOA! But it's so fun and lots of cute, fun things to play with inside! You love this? Well it's a store once you get past the soldiers that rain stars down on you.

When I logged in this morning my mommy left me and chels a message saying she made us a surprise at our country home in the spare room! I think she was inspired by an art shop we saw at the Katatonik sim! You can see the artwork on the walls .. this is by a RL artist that in SL is named 713 Ayres. My mommy made alot of the furniture to match and alot of the toys are from "You know for kids" by Marianne McCann.

Fashion & Links
Pictures 1,2&3 taken at Katatonik
Babydolls Wearing - Meredith Top & Tropical Flippers in pink by CCC
Jeans - camp jeans by Babydolls
Rock Candy by LacieCakes
Radio flyer wagon & tinkertoys by YouKnowForKids

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday was a very interesting day .. I had a chat with some of the LW police, Knakyia Dreamscape and KayleeRai Guardian .. they was trying to convince me that my mommy had stolen some cookies but they let her off easy. I'm thinking this police force was very misinformed. They agreed she was innocent and let her off good thing!

Later on they changed out of uniform and we all went to our house in the country! Boy they are nicer when they aren't on duty! Mckenzie Halfpint joined us and they went off to take some pictures in the lovely countryside!

A little bit of New News for ya! There's been alot of changes around the SL kids world and alot of new family restructures! Just this week Knakyia Dreamscape and KayleeRai Guardian were adopted by my aunty Kendra Baily! Also Daisy North and Mckenzie Halfpint have been adopted into the Gilman family! Here's a pic of the New Baily family!!

So many awesome families have moved into Little Wonder community and lots of kids were out skating, riding bikes and just having fun!
I am enrolled to go to Petit Cheri .. an artsy school that is just so adorable owned by Miss Amaliscious Destiny! I think it begins the beginning of May and I am so excited for it to start!!
That's all for right now I can't wait to see what happens today!!
Till next time .. big sparkly watermelon hugs!!
~ dolly
Fashion & Links
Knakyia & Kaylee are wearing Colbie from Babydolls
I'm wearing Elena dress & Tropical flippers in yellow from CCC
Also jewelry from LacieCakes
Kenzie is wearing Pretty in Pink from CCC
Stay sparkly!!!