Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lotsa Bright & Shiny fun at Katatonik!!

I didn't have a whole lotta time for SL™ yesterday so I came on kinda late .. Mommy & me decided to go exploring a bit! We went to a few shops and then went to Katatonik sim which is a wonderland in it's own sense! I love this sim! It's a magical land of pure imagination and fun! Even the grass there is starry and magical!

Along with the totally cool shops there.. is a fun imaginary world to play in and explore! Lots of cute picture taking opportunities too! Look at this cute cardboard drawn chair and table you can really sit on! Big strawberries to lounge on.. yes I grabbed a peice and took a bite! They are delicious!!

We went all through the sim and took alot of pictures and while you are visiting there random free dolls were dropped upon me! So cool right?!!

One of my favorite shops there is Rachels. Bring your shades if bright colors bother you cause this is just .. WHOA! But it's so fun and lots of cute, fun things to play with inside! You love this? Well it's a store once you get past the soldiers that rain stars down on you.

When I logged in this morning my mommy left me and chels a message saying she made us a surprise at our country home in the spare room! I think she was inspired by an art shop we saw at the Katatonik sim! You can see the artwork on the walls .. this is by a RL artist that in SL is named 713 Ayres. My mommy made alot of the furniture to match and alot of the toys are from "You know for kids" by Marianne McCann.

Fashion & Links
Pictures 1,2&3 taken at Katatonik
Babydolls Wearing - Meredith Top & Tropical Flippers in pink by CCC
Jeans - camp jeans by Babydolls
Rock Candy by LacieCakes
Radio flyer wagon & tinkertoys by YouKnowForKids

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