Saturday, April 24, 2010

Character Building??

So ... my mommy thought Chels and I needed some character building. Apparently it has always been one of our daddy's dreams to live in a trailer park ... yeah. Umm, so anyways.. off we went in search of a trailer park community to rent for a weekend. We found one on the Soap sim and mommy thought it was perfect so we went home to pack our bags.. But instead our parents told us part of this trip we would be getting new "more fitting" wardrobes to wear..

Well being the fashion princesses we are of course we were freaking out!!! So we had to change into our new grubby clothes and off to the trailer park we went. Here are some pictures of our trailor park stay. Our family building "character" in our new fashionable trailor trash attire..

The first day at the soap sim it was actually pretty fun! Mommy decorated our trailor so cute! And then we drove the truck around the town. We went and had dinner at a diner which was not so bad food! They even had a video game out front which I lost at... But it was pink so that worked for me.

Some neighbors stopped by our trailor that night. A mom and her daughter, she is just our age! Wow she has some interesting hair that's for sure and she was out and about in her bathrobe of course cause hey at the trailor park who needs get dressed right?

Well there's lots to see and do at the Soap sim. The last picture is mommy and I at the boggy marsh .. pretty, right! HAHA!! And we found a little church.. So we prayed for a bit.. of course I was secretly praying for help in making it through this weekend of Trailor park trash! hehe Well I know my character is definitely building off this experience.. I'm sure my sissy Chels will share some more with you about this weekend.

The cigarettes Chels & I have are CANDY CIGARETTES!! And do not contain anything but bubble gum!! Mommy's is real though.. haha

Seriously ... LOL look at Chels' hair!! hahaha .. sorry sissy love youuu!! And my sandals aren't they gorgeousssss

Our Lovely Neighbors at the Trailor park o.O

Prays: If I should die before I wake.. I pray the Lord my soul to take .. and please make them change my clothes before burying me. Amen.

Check the Soap sim out here .. TrailorParkTrash
Disclaimer: This adventure in no way was meant to offend anyone and we had a fabulous time. If you live in a trailor park we love you still and you are fabulous!!

Stay Sparkly!!

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